Osla, Norway – A Christmas Holiday Guide

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is obviously the most attractive Norwegian city and one of the most visited cities in the entire Scandinavia. It attracts thousands of tourists every year by its combination of old traditions and modernity that makes Oslo so unique and unsurpassed. Since Norway in general is a winter country, it is [...]

Five Places to Eat Christmas Lunch in London

Planning for Christmas lunch starts early.  There’s the food to order, space to clear to store the turkey, double checking that you still have the giant roasting pan, the extras like crackers to get, a starter to decide on. Then there is the day itself.  Up at dawn to get the bird in the oven, [...]

A Christmas Holiday Guide to St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is the northern capital and one of the most visited cities in Russia. Though the peak season in St Petersburg is from May to September, and winter there is usually described as icy, gloomy and extremely cold, it is still a perfect place for Christmas family holidays. Thus, if you are planning your [...]

Five Mediterranean Dishes for A Christmas Dinner

Ever thought about breaking away from the traditional turkey, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, Christmas pud? Even as these words are written the idea of doing something different seems ever more bizarre.  But why not?  Just because it has always been that way, doesn’t mean that there can’t be a new approach. So here are five [...]