How Throw The Ultimate Christmas Party (And Keeping Your Sanity)

For some, the idea of throwing a holiday party is about as enjoyable as a root canal. But we’re not all Scrooges.

Some of us enjoy the company of others during the festive Christmas season.

If you are that person (you have joy in your life) you might be wondering what’s the best way to throw a holiday party.

We are here to help.

Holiday parties should be fun, festive, and most of all, free from stress. To achieve stress-free fun,  please do take the following suggestions to heart.

  1. Create a theme (other than just, “it’s Christmas”)!

Sure, Christmas itself is a theme, but adding to that could be quite fun. Say you’re a literary buff and you want your party to mimic a Dicken’s novel (Complete with your very own Scrooge)? That’s an idea, but remember, the idea is a stress-free party. Trying to get your guests to cosplay as poor Londoners from the 17th century might complicate your party. It’s not fair to your guests. They’ve spent most of their holiday bonus on Christmas presents and decorations. They might not have enough funds to create costumes for your inventive party.

A much better idea, and much more popular lately, is a Christmas jumper party. They work in many ways. They are a great way to express your personality. They are a conversation starter. And they help your guests by giving them a dress code, in a way. One of the most terrifying words in an invitation is “semi-formal” What the hell does that even mean? Are Jeans okay? Do I have to wear a tie or not?

With a Christmas jumper Party, the dress is casual, fun, and uncomplicated.

Most hip department stores carry them but for a wide selection, check out the either or Funky Christmas Jumpers. Both sites have an amazingly wide range of jumpers to choose from.

  1. Look to serve a delightful festive drink

Along with Beer, Wine, and a wide selection of spirits, people often have a festive drink on hand for their guests. For some it’s mulled wine, a warm beverage made with red wine and various mulled spices.

But if you want to stand out, one drink you might want to try is Coquito, a Caribbean variation on eggnog.

Coquito is very simple to make. Take a can of Evaporated Milk, condensed Milk, Cream of Coconut, Coconut Milk, along with a Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract, half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, and a cup (or more, depending on taste) of White run, and combine it in a blender. Serve Chilled with a Cinnamon Stick Garnish. It’s a refreshing drink that, like the sweaters, will be a conversation starter.

  1. Pump up the Christmas jams!

This tip has a bit of a caveat. If you want a simple get together where the music is background noise, then play all the Christmas music that your heart desires. I recommend soulful classics and contemporary hits (Christmas song by Nat King Cole, All I want for Christmas is you, by Mariah Carey) and leave the overly religious and cute carols to schools and churches.

But if you want the party to get lit, you get some dance music going. The cheapest and easiest way to do that is to get Spotify Premium (no commercials that way). Look for a General Dance music station, and let the Spotify algorithm be your DJ. Most of us aren’t music snobs and haven’t cultivated that immaculate party playlist.

  1. Cater the food, for goodness sake!

Growing up, Christmas meant my mother would slave over a kitchen stove preparing a turkey and stuffing and yams and steamed broccoli with melted cheese and cranberry sauce. She would serve it with a smile on her face but would never eat. She has spent the last 12 hours working on the meal. The last things he wanted to do was eat it.

You shouldn’t have to slave over a stove. You must not. If your party is a social gathering of a few friends, A catered meal from a local restaurant will do the work for you. If your party is bigger and dinner is not in the plan, a few cold cut trays and a bottomless bowl of chips and dip will suffice. Holiday parties are not the time to slave over what your guests will eat.

If you do right by step 2, they will be too drunk to care what they eat.

  1. Be mindful of what matters the most!

Friends. Family. Another year of life. The fact that you are fortunate enough to throw a party. The fact that you have the means. People to care about, people to love, people impressed with your DJ skills. People loving your mulled wine. People loving your Game of Thrones Christmas Jumper. People who will eat all your food.

Enjoy the people in your life. Enjoy your blessings.

Enjoy that massive hangover you will no doubt have the day after.